Book reviews in this article:

The Iranian Revolution and the Islamic Republic.

Jordan in the 1967 War.

Generals In Politics: Pakistan, 1958–1982.

The Middle East Remembered.

Middle East and Islam; A Bibliographical Introduction Supplement 1977–1983.

Kitāb Tathq?f al-Ta'f bi'l-Muinline imagetalainline imageal-Sar?f par Taq? al-D?n 'Abd al-Rainline imagemān b. Muinline imageibb al-D?n Muinline imageammad al-mad al-inline imagealab? appelé Ibn Nāir al-Ǧayš.

Mannerism in Arabic Poetry: A Structural Analysis of Selected Texts (3rd Century A. H./9th Century A. D.5th Century A. H./llth Century A. D.)

Iraq After the Muslim Conquest.

Mysticism and Dissent. Socioreligious Thought in Qajar Inn.

Religious Ecstasy.

Eschatological Themes in the Qu'n.

How to Understand Islam.

Dynamics of Urban Life in Pre-Mughal India.

Agricultural, Industrial and Urban Dynamism under the Sultsas of Delhi 1206–1555.

Islam: Politics and Religion in the Muslim World.