Book reviewed in this article:

Political Islām: Religion and Politics in the Arab World. By Nazih Ayubi.

Egypt from Nāsser to Mubāak: A Flawed Revolution. By Anthony McDermott.

The Gulf War: The Origins and Implications of the Iraq-Iran Conflict. By Majid Khadduri

The Making of Iran's Islamic Revolution: From Monarchy to Islamic Republic. By Mohsen M. Milani

Workers on the Nile: Nationalism. Communism, Islam and the Egyptian Working Class, 1882–1954. By Joel Beinin and Zachary Lockman.

A History of the Maghrib in the Islamic Period. By Jamil M. Abun-Nasr.

Historical Dictionary of Tunisia. By Kenneth J. Perkins.

Community and Consensus in Islam. Muslim Representation in British India, 1860–1947. By Farzana Shaikh.

Islam in Java: Normative Piety and Mysticism in the Sultanate of Yogyakarta. By Mark R. Woodward.

La géographie humaine du monde musulman jusq'au milieu du lie sièc?e. Tome 4. Les travaux et les jours. By André Miquel.

Blindness and Autobiography: Al-Ayyam of Taha Husayn. By Fedwa Malti-Douglas.

The Tragedy of Sohrab and Rostam, from the Persian National Epic, the Shahname of Abol-Qasem Ferdowsi. Translated by Jerome W. Clinton.

A Compassionate Peace: A Future For Israel, Palestine, and the Middle East, revised edition. By Everett Mendelsohn.

The Arab World Today. William R. Polk.

Toward an Islamic Reformation: Civil Liberties, Human Rights and International Law. By Abdullahi Ahmed An-N'im.

Jam't al-Ikhwān al Muslim?n fi'l Urdun wa Filist?n: inline imageafabāt Tārikhiyya. By 'Awni J. al-ābaydi

Athar al Jamāt al islāmiyya al maydani Khil?l al qarn al 'ihr?n. By Dr. Mahmud Salim

Images of the West: Third World Perspectives. By David C. Gordon.

Intellectual Studies on Islam: Essays Written in Honor of Martin B. Dixon. Edited by Michel M. Mazzaoui and Vera B. Moreen.

The Middle East: A History. By Sydney Nettleton Fisher and William Ochsenwald.

The Longest war: The Iran-Iraq Military Conflict. By Dilip Hiro.

The History of Modern Egypt from Muhammad Ali to Mubarak. By P. J. Vatikiotis.

Commandments by God in Qur'ān. Compiled by Ch. Nazar Mohammad. Lahore: The author, n. d. xx + 775. n. p.