• biliary cystadenocarcinoma - hydatid cyst - radiological features - differential diagnosis - surgery

Abstract: We report the case of a 76-year-old woman with biliary cystadenocarcinoma perforating the left biliary tree and exhibiting intra-tumoral gas bubbles resulting from invasion of the duodenum. The clinical history included subfebrile temperatures of 3 months duration, and pains associated with an abdominal mass in the right upper quadrant. Blood tests showed leucocytosis, and radiological studies revealed the features of a partially calcified septated tumor with nodular components combined with multiple gas-fluid levels, mimicking an infected hydatid cyst. Intraoperative ultrasonography, cholangiography and frozen section histology were necessary to prove the malignant nature of this cystic tumor. Provided that complete resection with strict adherence to oncological precepts is possible, the prognosis of cystadenocarcinoma is better than in hepatocellular or cholangiocellular carcinoma.