Figure S1. Quantitative RT-PCR verification of microarray expression data. Selected genes were reanalyzed by quantitative real-time RT-PCR using an additional 4–6 eleven-day old mice per genotype. (A, B) Transcripts for (A) two up-regulated genes, encoding H2-Eα and CCL3, and (B) three down-regulated genes, encoding Keg, SerpinA6, and Ces, were measured by QRT-PCR. QRT-PCR data are normalized to a β-actin control QRT-PCR. Results from microarray and QRT-PCR are shown side-by-side. (C) β-actin expression levels from the microarrays are shown. (A, B, C) Units are arbitrary. The y-axes are in log10 format.

Table S1. Primer sequences used in Real-time RT-PCR.

Table S2. Gene ontology grouping of genes suppressed >10-fold.

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