liv2630-sup-0001-FigureS1.docxWord document138KFig. S1. Demonstration of recombinant α-, β-, γ- and δ-subunits by gel electrophoresis followed by Coomassie-blue staining. Lane M, His-protein MW-ladder; lane 1, mock-infected control bacteria; lane 2, α-subunit (59.7 kDa); lane 3, β-subunit (30 and 15 kDa, expected 56.5 k Da); lane 4, γ-subunit (32.9 kDa); lane 5, δ-subunit (17.5 kDa). * relevant protein bands which have been excised from the gels for application in the ELISA.
liv2630-sup-0002-FigureS2.docxWord document51KFig. S2. Immunoreactivity of the four F1-ATPase subunits α-δ with monoclonal antibodies to the α-subunit (a), the β-subunit (b) and the γ-subunit (c) as well as a control antibody (d). Lane 1, mock-infected control bacteria; lane 2, α-subunit (calculated molecular weight: 59.7 kDa); lane 3, β-subunit (calculated molecular weight: 56.5 kDa); lane 4, γ-subunit (calculated molecular weight: 32.9 kDa); lane 5, δ-subunit (calculated molecular weight: 17.5 kDa).

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