liv2666-sup-0001-figureS1.docxWord document13KFig. S1. The expression of SphK1 in liver cancer cells.
liv2666-sup-0002-figureS2.docxWord document13KFig. S2. SphK1 can promote HCC cell migration and invasion.
liv2666-sup-0003-figureS3.docxWord document13KFig. S3. phK1 inhibition can suppress HCC cell migration and invasion.
liv2666-sup-0004-figureS4.docxWord document13KFig. S4. S1P has no significant effect on liver cancer cell proliferation.
liv2666-sup-0005-figureS5.docxWord document13KFig. S5. Sphingosine-1-phosphate promotes liver cancer cell migration and invasion via EDG1.
liv2666-sup-0006-figureS6.docxWord document13KFig. S6. Expression of EDG1 is up-regulated in HCC patients.
liv2666-sup-0007-figureS7.docxWord document13KFig. S7. JTE-013 has no effect on liver cancer cells migration and invasion.
liv2666-sup-0008-tableS1.docxWord document13KTable S1. The clinic pathological features of 50 patients studied.
liv2666-sup-0009-tableS2.docxWord document13KTable S2. Primer sequences used for PCR.

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