Body Weight, Diet and Pre-eclamptic Toxaemia of Pregnancy



  • 1A study of the diet, weight gain and incidence of pre-eclamptic toxaemia has been carried out on a group of primigravidae and secundigravidae.
  • 2The incidence of pre-eclamptic toxaemia was significantly higher in primigravidae.
  • 3No relationship could be established between dietary intake and the development of pre-eclamptic toxaemia of pregnancy. The value of diets with a high protein content in preventing toxaemia could not be demonstrated.
  • 4The mean initial weight was significantly higher in patients developing preeclamptic toxaemia. However, no significant relationship was found in those women who were overweight for their height and age (two standard deviations).
  • 5Weight gain could not be related to caloric intake in either the 20 to 30 week period or the 30 to 40 week period.
  • 6Weight gain in the 20 to 30 week period showed a positive regression to the incidence of pre-eclamptic toxaemia, but no significant trend could be demonstrated in the 30 to 40 week period.