Summary: The value of vaginal electrostimulation for genuine stress incontinence was evaluated in 30 women with this condition. Subjective and objective measurements were made before and after 3 and 15 months of treatment using urinary diaries, perineometry and pad tests. After 3 months use, 21 women (70%) reported a subjective improvement, but this had fallen to 9 (30%) by 15 months. There were significant reductions in the numbers of daily incontinent episodes and pad/pant changes and significant increases in the perineometry readings at both 3 and 15 months. There were no side-effects observed with electrostimulator use, but 1 patient withdrew due to a dislike of the method of treatment. Vaginal electrostimulation would seem to be a simple and well tolerated means of managing genuine stress incontinence in a selected group of women.