Eating Disorders and Reproduction


  • J.F. Morgan MA, MRC Psych

    Corresponding author
    1. Department of General Psychiatry and Eating Disorder Clinic, St. George's Hospital Medical School, London
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    • 1

      Clinical Research Fellow

Dr J. F. Morgan, Department of General Psychiatry, St. George's Hospital Medical School, Cranmer Terrace, London, SW17 ORE, United Kingdom.


Summary: Eating disorders are common and characteristically affect young women at what would otherwise be their peak of reproductive functioning. Anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa impinge on reproduction both behaviourally and physiologically, with effects on menstruation, ovarian function, fertility, sexuality and pregnancy. This review presents a summary of current knowledge and makes suggestions for future research, along with some clinical recommendations for the management of eating disorders in pregnancy.