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Prospective study of the Perigee system for the management of cystocoeles – Medium-term follow up


: Dr Kurinji Kannan, Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, James Cook University School of Medicine, Townsville, Qld 4811, Australia. Email:


Objectives:  The Perigee transobturator cystocoele repair system (AMS) was designed and first used in Townsville, Australia. This prospective study evaluates the efficacy and safety of this device for the management of cystocoeles.

Methods:   Patients who underwent surgery with the Perigee system between March 2004 and December 2005 were reviewed. Patients who consecutively presented to our clinic with a stage 3 cystocoele or above were given information regarding the Perigee mesh surgery. Those who consented were included in our study. The study involved a questionnaire and POPQ assessment pre- and postoperatively at six weeks, three months, six months, 12 months and subsequently biannually.

Results:  A total of 70 patients underwent surgery with the Perigee system between March 2004 and December 2005. There were no life-threatening complications with the procedure. Five (7.1%) patients were found to have small mesh extrusion through the vagina, and three (4.28%) patients had recurrence of stage 2 cystocoele.

Discussion/Conclusion:  On medium-term evaluation (18 to 36 months) of the Perigee system the results seem very encouraging. The morbidity is minimal, as is the recurrence and mesh extrusion rate.

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