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Models of antenatal care and obstetric outcomes in Sydney South West


: Dr Jun Bai, PO Box 3045, Liverpool NSW 2170, Australia. Email:


Objectives:  To assess obstetric outcomes of different models of antenatal care.

Methods:  The study was historical cohort analysis of population birth data of 67 675 singleton births delivered in all public hospitals in Sydney South-west. Maternal and neonatal outcomes were compared for different models of antenatal care received. The care was provided within the hospitals in doctor's clinic, midwives’ clinic, birth centre, or by a team of midwives in the caseload midwifery. In the non-hospital settings, the care was provided by private obstetricians or by the general practitioner (GP) as part of the GP Shared Care program. The data for those women who received no antenatal care were also analysed.

Results:  This study provided information that the obstetric outcomes were very similar regardless of whether a woman received her antenatal care in the midwives’ clinic, the birth centre, under the GP Shared Care program or in the doctor's clinic in Sydney South-west hospitals.

Conclusions:  This study provides evidence for the view that different models of maternity care can be provided with good outcomes.