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Bowel resection for severe endometriosis: An Australian series of 177 cases


: Dr Geoffrey D. Reid, Level 7, 187 Macquarie St, Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia. Email:


Background: Colorectal resection for severe endometriosis has been increasingly described in the literature over the last 20 years.

Aims: To describe the experiences of three gynaecological surgeons who perform radical surgery for colorectal endometriosis.

Methods: The records of three surgeons were reviewed. Relevant information was extracted and complied into a database.

Results: One hundred and seventy-seven women were identified as having undergone surgery between February 1997 and October 2007. The primary reason for presentation was pain in the majority of women (79%). Eighty-one segmental resections were performed, 71 disc excisions, ten appendicectomies and multiple procedures in ten women. The majority of procedures (81.4%) were performed laparoscopically. Histology confirmed the presence of disease in 98.3% of cases. A further 124 procedures to remove other sites of endometriosis were conducted, along with an additional 44 procedures not primarily for endometriosis. A total of 16 unintended events occurred.

Conclusions: Our study adds to the growing body of literature describing colorectal resection for severe endometriosis. Overall, the surgery appeared to be well tolerated, demonstrating the role for this surgery.