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Social wasps and bees captured in carrion traps in a rainforest in Brazil


Orlando Tobias Silveira, Coordenação de Zoologia, Museu Paraense Emílio Goeldi, MCT, Campus de Pesquisas, Avenue Perimetral, Terra Firme, 66040-170 Belém, PA, Brazil. Email:


Information is presented on social wasps and bees caught in carrion traps in ‘terra firme’ rainforest in Caxiuanã, PA, Brazil. Six species of epiponine wasps were captured. Angiopolybia pallens was the most frequent species, being caught in approximately 43.5% of the trials, followed by Angiopolybia paraensis (15.8%), Agelaia fulvofasciata (5.6%) and Agelaia angulata (3.3%). Agelaia pallipes and Agelaia cajennensis both had only a single individual captured. Twelve species of social bees were captured. The genera Trigona, Partamona and Melipona had similar numbers of species, but frequencies varied considerably. One individual of Apis mellifera was captured.