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Taxonomic revision of the genus Dolophilodes subgenus Dolophilodes (Trichoptera: Philopotamidae) of Japan


Naotoshi Kuhara, Chitose Board of Education, Kamiosatsu 958-1, Chitose, Hokkaido, 066-0077 Japan. Email:


Japanese species of the genus Dolophilodes subgenus Dolophilodes are revised taxonomically. Seven described species are recognized: D. japonicus (Banks), D. shinboensis (Kobayashi), D. auriculatus Martynov, D. nomugiensis (Kobayashi), D. babai (Kobayashi), D. iroensis (Kobayashi) and D. commatus (Kobayashi). In addition, two new species, D. angustatus and D. dilatatus, are described. Males of all nine species and females of all but D. babai are described and illustrated. The subgenus Hisaura Kobayashi is synonymized under the subgenus Dolophilodes. Three synonymies of species proposed are Wormaldia triangulata Kobayashi under D. nomugiensis, D. kunashirensis Ivanov under D. iroensis and Sortosa kaishoensis Kobayashi under D. commatus.