New species of the genus Salganea (Blattaria, Blaberidae, Panesthiinae) from Myanmar, with molecular phylogenetic analyses and notes on social structure


Kiyoto Maekawa, Department of Biology, Faculty of Science, Toyama University, 3190 Gofuku, Toyama, 930-8555 Japan. Email:


A new species of the genus Salganea is described from Mount Victoria, Chin State, Myanmar under the name of Salganea matsumotoi sp. nov. Morphological investigation suggests that this species belongs to the S. nigrita species group. The inferred molecular phylogenetic tree indicates that S. matsumotoi is most closely related to the taxa S. incerta, S. taiwanensis, S. gressiti and S. esakii, distributed in Thailand, Taiwan and Japan, all of which belong to the S. nigrita species group. Social structural data suggest that this species is subsocial, and in contrast to other studied species in the genus, potentially has more than one reproductive episode.