Taxonomic notes on the paper wasps of the genus Ropalidia in the Indian subcontinent (Hymenoptera: Vespidae)


Jun-ichi Kojima, Natural History Laboratory, Faculty of Science, Ibaraki University, Bunkyo 2-1-1, Mito 310-8512, Japan. Email:


The taxonomy of Ropalidia wasps in the Indian subcontinent is revised, recognizing 26 species in the subcontinent. Their diagnostic characteristics are summarized in a key to species. New synonymies proposed in the present study are: R. bicolorata shiva Das and Gupta, 1989 under R. bicolorata van der Vecht, 1962; R. colorata sordida van der Vecht, 1941 under R. colorata van der Vecht, 1941; R. rodialipa Lambert and Narendran, 2005 and R. anupama Lambert and Narendran, 2005, both under R. cyathiformis Fabricius, 1804; R. jacobsoni flavoscutellata Das and Gupta, 1989, and R. bangalorica Lambert and Narendran, 2005, both under R. jacobsoni du Buysson, 1908; R. travancorica Lambert and Narendran, 2005, under R. marginata Lepeletier, 1836; R. sridharani Lambert and Narendran, 2005, under R. rufocollaris Cameron, 1900; Ropalidia rufoplagiata nursei van der Vecht, 1941 under R. rufoplagiata Cameron, 1905; Icaria lugubris Smith, 1858, under R. sumatrae Weber, 1801; and a revised synonymy is Icaria pendula Smith, 1857, under R. variegata Smith, 1852. The new replacement name Ropalidia kasaragodensis Lambert and Narendran is proposed for R. indica Lambert and Narendran, 2005, non van der Vecht, 1941.