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Tricalcaria Han gen. nov., a remarkable new genus with three hind-tibial spurs belonging to the tribe Trichopterygini, with description of a new species from China (Lepidoptera: Geometridae: Larentiinae)


Hongxiang Han, Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Datun Road, Chaoyang, Beijing 100101, China. Email:


Tricalcaria Han gen. nov. and its type species Tricalcaria stueningi Han sp. nov. are described from China. Morphological characters, including those of the male and female genitalia, are figured. The main diagnostic characters of Tricalcaria are: hind tibia with three spurs in both male and female; ventral margin of costal protrusion bearing a series of long, hook-like, sclerotized setae in the male genitalia; female papilla analis modified and bearing over part of its surface broad blade-like sclerotized setae. The wing pattern, venation, and genitalia of this genus are compared with those of the most closely related genera, Tristeirometa Holloway, 1997, Hypocometa Warren, 1896, and Phthonoloba Warren, 1893. Tribal placement is discussed, with the conclusion that the new genus should be placed in the tribe Trichopterygini.

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