• Japan;
  • Kyushu;
  • reproductive trait


Jujiroa estriata Sasakawa (Coleoptera: Carabidae: Platynini) was recently described based on a single male from a mountain in Kyushu, southwest Japan (type locality: Hagi, Gokanoshô). Here we report collection of the species from a new locality, Mount Osuzuyama. We also describe some reproductive traits based on the materials obtained (one male and four females, collected in late May). The male formed sperm bundles in which the head of each spermatozoon was embedded in a rod-shaped structure (spermatodesm). Each spermatodesm was elongate (average length 2.44 mm; cf. male body length 10.8 mm), without a conspicuous spiral structure. Three of the females were dissected, and were found to have 11 or 12 mature eggs in their oviducts. This study provides the first description of sperm bundle morphology for a species of the tribe Platynini and preliminary data on the breeding type of Jujiroa Uéno.