• Aleyrodidae;
  • Aleurolobus;
  • key;
  • morphology;
  • Taiwan


The whitefly species of the genus Aleurolobus Quaintance and Baker are reviewed from Taiwan. A total of nine species are included. Aleurolobus shiiae Takahashi is new to Taiwan. Aleurolobus osmanthi Young is considered as a junior synonym of Aleurolobus taonabae (Kuwana). A new species, Aleurolobus rubus Dubey and Ko, is described, and the puparia of the new species are diagnosed in a combination of characters: the dorsal pores scattered over dorsum; each located on a large subcircular, chitinised cuticular dorsal marking; faint eye spots; broader submargin; and the vasiform orifice set anterior to the caudal end of puparium by nearly twice of its own length. The record of Aleurolobus philippinensis Quaintance and Baker, and Aleurolobus setigerus Quaintance and Baker from Taiwan is discussed. The puparial diagnosis of each species, identification key to species so far known from Taiwan and illustrations for each species are provided.