Descriptions of two new species of Vietomartyria Hashimoto & Mey (Lepidoptera, Micropterigidae) from South China, with reference to autapomorphies of the genus


Toshiya Hirowatari, Entomological Laboratory, Graduate School of Life and Environmental Sciences, Osaka Prefecture University, Sakai, Osaka 599-8531, Japan. Email:


Two new species of micropterigids, Vietomartyria nankunshana Hirowatari & Hashimoto sp. nov. and V. nanlingana Hirowatari & Jinbo sp. nov., are described from Nankunshan and Nanling (Guangdong, China), respectively. The genus Vietomartyria Hashimoto & Mey, 2000, which was originally established as a monotypic genus, is redefined based on the following autapomorphies shared by the three species: (i) the long basal stalk of each flagellomere; (ii) the many (>100) minute serrate projections near the gonopore of aedeagus; and (iii) the gonopore situated dorsally near the apex.