• Catalog;
  • Java;
  • review;
  • Sumatra;
  • Sulawesi;
  • taxonomy;
  • Torodorinae


The genus Thubana Walker (Lepidoptera: Lecithoceridae: Torodorinae) in Indonesia is reviewed, with three known species from Java and four additional new species: Th. raphidodea sp. nov. from Sulawesi, Indonesia and Malaysia; and Th. erycinae sp. nov., Th. apiculalis sp. nov. and Th. sellarius sp. nov. from Sumatra, Indonesia. The previously known species from Java, Th. costimaculella (Snellen), is redescribed for the wing venation and genitalia of both sexes; however, the syntype of Th. heylaertsi (Snellen) is observed only by its photograph. No specimens of Th. heylaertsi and Th. xylogramma Meyrick were found during this study. Photos of all known species, except Th. xylogramma Meyrick, and a key to species are provided. A catalog for the genus with all 46 known species in the world is given.