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Taxonomic status of Amebachia Uchida in the genus Netelia Gray (Hymenoptera; Ichneumonidae; Tryphoninae) with descriptions of four new species from Japan


Kazuhiko Konishi, National Agricultural Research Center for Hokkaido Region, Hitsujigaoka 1, Sapporo, 062-8555 Japan. Email:


The lectotype of Amebachia baibarana Uchida, 1928, which is the type species of Amebachia Uchida, was re-examined. Though this species was synonymized with Netelia (Netelia) laevis (= Paniscus laevis Cameron, 1905) and Amebachia has been synonymized under the subgenus Netelia of the genus Netelia, it is concluded that A. baibarana is a distinct species from N. laevis and Amebachia should be a subgenus of the genus Netelia. Netelia laevis is transferred from the subgenus Netelia to Apatagium. Four new species of Netelia (Amebachia), N. (A.) yoshimatsui sp. nov., N. (A.) rasilella sp. nov., N. (A.) fulvistigma sp. nov., and N. (A.) vicinalis sp. nov. are described from Japan, and a key to the species of this subgenus is provided.