• biology;
  • homonym;
  • morphology;
  • pomegranate aphid;
  • seasonal polymorphism


The taxonomic status of Aphis punicaeShinji, 1922 is reviewed. Small alate viviparous females of a green-colored Aphis species collected on Punica granatum in Kanagawa Prefecture, central Japan, accorded with the original description of A. punicae Shinji, which has been known only from the original description and a subsequent redescription. On the other hand, the apterous viviparous females of this Aphis species were identified as A. punicaePasserini, 1863. The author concluded that A. punicae Shinji is the alate viviparous morph of A. punicae Passerini, and that A. punicae Shinji should be treated as a junior synonym of A. punicae Passerini. All the morphs except for the fundatrix of the Japanese population of A. punicae Passerini were described, the life cycle was summarized, and morphological comparison was made with Aphis gossypii Glover, a polyphagous species that was also known to occur on P. granatum.