• bioacoustics;
  • Brazil;
  • cricket;
  • genitalia;
  • insect;
  • Pars stridens


The genus Gryllus includes 82 described species that occur in America from Canada to Argentina as well as in several areas of Africa, Europe and Asia. There are 12 species in South America, which were described in the nineteenth century based on a small number of samples and inconsistent characters such as body coloration and external morphology. The aim of this article is to redescribe Gryllus argentinus Saussure, 1874 collected in the urban areas of Pelotas, Capão do Leão and Rio Grande, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, southern Brazil, highlighting phallic sclerites, calling song and body morphometry. We designate the lectotype male, provide a combination of diagnostic characteristics and discuss the taxonomic situation of South American Gryllus species.