Figure S1 Feeding activities and morphologies of transgenic Drosophila melanogaster larvae. (A) Feeding activities of control and DTI-expressing (Desi-Gal4; UAS-DTI) 3rd instar larvae. (B) Morphologies of control and DTI-expressing (Desi-Gal4; UAS-DTI) 3rd instar larvae.

Figure S2 Morphologies of sensilla on tarsi of control and DTI-expressing Drosophila melanogaster adults. Note that sensilla on tarsi were lacked on the tarsi of Desi-Gal4; UAS-DTI Drosophila adult.

Figure S3 Morphologies of normal labella of transgenic Drosophila melanogaster pharate adults. Transgenic flies expressing DTI in the gustatory organs under the direction of one of the promoters of gustatory regulation genes (A) Gr5a, (B) Gr66a, (C) Hugin and (D) ppk28.

Figure S4 Morphologies of normal labella of control and Desi-RNAi Drosophila melanogaster pharate adults.

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