Taxonomic review of Afrotropical Watshamia Bouček (Hymenoptera: Pteromalidae), with description of a new species


Correspondence: Mircea-Dan Mitroiu, Faculty of Biology, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University, Bd. Carol I 11, 700506 Iasi, Romania.



Watshamia Bouček, 1974 (Hymenoptera: Pteromalidae) has three known world species described by Bouček: W. versicolor and W. turneri (Afrotropical), and W. malaica (Oriental). In this paper, Watshamia gero sp. nov. is described from Kenya. It is the only known species in which females have hyaline fore wings. Wing interference pattern (WIP) is used for the first time in the taxonomy of Pteromalidae as a differential feature. An illustrated key to females and males of Afrotropical Watshamia is given and the first indications of the biology of the Afrotropical species are presented. Watshamia versicolor is newly reported from the Democratic Republic of Congo.