Thyrotoxic psychosis in an elderly woman and haloperidol use: a case report


Dr Murat Emul, MD, Department of Psychiatry, Medical School of Cerrahpasa, Istanbul University, Istanbul 034100, Turkey. Email:;


Thyrotoxic patients may occasionally present with affective disorders. Here, we discuss a case of a 61-year-old woman with misidentification and persecutory delusions, olfactory hallucinations, and apathy associated with thyrotoxicosis. After definitive antithyroid and antipsychotic agent haloperidol treatments, the patient was released within 4 weeks. Thyrotoxic psychosis with apathy is a rare entity that can be misdiagnosed as affective psychosis. Haloperidol may be an alternative treatment in resolving psychotic features beside the treatment of hyperthyroid state.