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Nocturnal polysomnographic characteristics of pediatric narcolepsy


  • Declaration of conflict of interest: This research was performed at the Mayo Clinic. The authors have no conflicts of interest or financial support to disclose. There is no discussion of off-label or investigational use of medications or devices in this manuscript.

Dr Satish C Rao, Department of Neurology, University of Louisville School of Medicine, Louisville, KY 40292, USA. Email:


The aim of this study was to describe the polysomnographic features of childhood-onset narcolepsy. A retrospective review was performed on children with narcolepsy. The polysomnogram findings were compared with reference values obtained from normative data in the general population. Narcolepsy subjects had a mean initial sleep latency of 10.9 min on nocturnal PSG, which was shorter by a mean of 18 min than corresponding values from normative data (P < 0.001). Short initial REM latency on nocturnal PSG correlated with the number of SOREMPs on MSLT in subjects with narcolepsy (P= 0.007). These findings may assist in the clinical diagnosis of narcolepsy.