During the Last Glacial, a very open vegetation existed over western Europe, the tundra-like vegetation in The Netherlands evolving into a stcppic-like vegetation towards the Mediterranean. This model was used to analyse the correlation of the Praetiglian (dated from 2.3 to 2.1 million years ago) in northern Europe with the earliest steppic phase in the Mediterranean region. On this basis, stratigraphic relationships between these two areas are postulated for the whole Pliocene and the Early Pleistocene in terms of the vcgctational changes related to the climatic fluctuations. For the first time, correlation has been shown between the palynostratigraphy of northern Europe and the Late Neogcnc marine stratigraphy of the Mediterranean region; moreover, chronological confirmation is supplied by the mammal zonation. the evolution of stratiotes, palaeomagnetic measurements, and K/Ar dates. The conventional Plio-Pleistocenc boundary occurs during the first interglacial (Tiglian) of northern Europe.