The Danian limestone in the Fakse quarry displays banks of coral limestone interfingering with banks of bryozoan limestone. (1) Previous and present studies on the brachiopods show that ‘Rhynchonella’ flustracea Buch, ‘R.’ faxensis Posselt, ‘Terebratula’ mobergi Lundgren, and Argyrotheca pindborgi (Nielsen) are restricted to the coral limestone of Fakse. (2) Crania (Danocrania) transversa (Lundgren), C. (D.) tuberculata (Nilsson), Isocrania aff. egnabergensis (Retzius), ‘Terebratula’ fallax Lundgren, and Carneithyris incisa (Buch) are known from bryozoan limestone at Fakse and other Middle Danian localities. (3) Common to both kinds of sediments in Fakse quarry and found at other Middle Danian bryozoan limestone localities as well are Terebratulina aff. chrysalis (Schlotheim), Argyrotheca scabricula (Koenen), Megathiris bruennichi (Rosenkrantz), Platidia sp., and Thecidellina? groenwalli (Nielsen). (4) ‘Terebratula cincta’ Nielsen is restricted to Fakse quarry and occurs in both kinds of sediments. (5) Some of the species restricted to the coral limestone appear to be morphologically adapted to fit in between the branches of the dominant coral in Fakse quarry, Dendrophyllia candelabrum Hennig.