Fossils from two ecologically and palaeogeographically interesting Cambrian outliers in the Precambrian basement of Fennoscandia are described or discussed. One of the localities is a fissure system, filled with sandstone, at Långbergsöda-Öjen in Saltvik, Province of Aland, Finland. The occurrence of the brachiopod Ceratreta tanneri (Metzger 1922) indicates a Late Cambrian age rather than Early Cambrian as assumed hitherto. The other locality, about 1.5 km W of the Fortress of Bohus, at Kungälv, Province of Bohuslän, Sweden, consists of a fissure and a trench-like crevice bounded by joints, containing a sequence of calcareous sedimentary breccia, grey limestone with coarse sand, and a late Medial Cambrian fauna. The sequence continues with black shale and bituminous dark limestone, containing large fragments of older igneous and sedimentary rocks as well as a Late Cambrian fauna.