A reinterpretation of Rangea schneiderhoehni and the discovery of a related new fossil from the Nama Group, South West Africa



Two new specimens of Rangea schneiderhoehni Gürich 1930 and a new fossil are here described from the Nama Group of South West Africa. A careful study of the two Rangea specimens and a reexamination of the holotype shows that R. schneiderhoehni forma plana and R. schneiderhoehni forma turgida are the same species as already suggested by Gürich, Richter, and Pflug, that the puzzling outer flange of forma plana is part of an underlying second leaf-like body, and that the Ediacara ‘Rangea’ does not belong to the genus Rangea. Here, therefore, it is introduced as the genus Glaessnerina. The new fossil, Nasepia altae, is related to Pteridinium simplex Gürich 1930 and Rangea schneiderhoehni Gürich 1930, and also to the problematic fossil Namalia villiersiensis Germs 1968.