From measurements of the thickness of successive growth rings shell growth curves were constructed for seven ammonoid genera of different taxonomic position and geological age. All the curves have ‘sinusoidal’ aspect due to the alternation of maximum and minimum growth increments of the shell tunc. Growth curves made for two ammonoid shells belonging to the genera Proloxyclymenia (D3fm) and Euphylloceras (K1a) show regularly recurring minima and maxima at intervals of 14–16 growth rings. The fact that the minima and maxima of the growth curves recur exactly at intervals of 14–16 growth rings seems to reflect the relationship between the shell tube secretion and the formation of septa. This fact also seems to support the views about fortnightly or 28-day cycles in the construction of ammonoid hydrostatic chambers. By counting the total number of septa in the phragmocones, the duration of phragmocone secretion for 23 shells was estimated. Preliminary inferences on the presence in ammonoid shells of daily, bidaily and weekly growth rings are made. □Ammonoidea, growth rhythms.