• ostracoda;
  • Frasnian;
  • Famennian;
  • World;
  • palaeobiogeography

About one hundred papers and studies have been utilized for a synthesis of ostracode palaeobiogeography during the Frasnian and Famennian. The pelagic entomozoid species have worldwide distributions: they are not used for distinguishing the palaeobiogeographic areas. Five provinces probably existed during the Frasnian and five during the Famennian. The palaeobiogeographic area of the Palaeotethys is constant during this time. There are important faunistic relations between the Western Canadian Platform and the Russian Platform, that is to say, along the Northern margin of the North-Atlantic Continent, during Late Devonian time. The province of Southeastern Asia remains isolated. The number and limits of the palaeobiogeographic areas have been controlled by climate and some geographical barriers.