• Tracefossils;
  • Echinoidea;
  • Cretaceous;
  • Tertiary;
  • Scolicia;
  • Subphyllochorda;
  • Taphrhelminthopsis;
  • Cardioichnus

Cretaceous and Tertiary traces belonging to the ichnogenera Scolicia, Subphyllochorda and Taphrhelminthopsis are described and analysed functionally. Resting traces continuous with Subphyllochorda are described for the first time and interpreted as the work of heart urchins. The new ichnogenus Cardioichnus is erected for them. The preservation and complexity of some specimens of these ichnogenera allows for a detailed comparison with heart urchin morphology. Subphyllochorda is interpreted as a burrow produced by heart urchins and Scolicia as either burrows or sea floor furrows. The traces here assigned to Taphrhelminthopsis are probably casts of washed-out Subphyllochorda burrows. Palaeozoic traces previously referred to ‘Scolicia’ sensu lato are, in the main, much simpler than the Mesozoic and Tertiary traces and should be transferred to other ichnogenera.