Non-marine Teredolites from the Middle Eocene of southern England



Middle Eocene, non-marine sediments from southern England contain examples of Teredolites borings in two contrasting palaeoenvironmental settings, viz.: (A) as in situ borings in an allochthonous lignite in an abandoned river channel and (B) as bored logs in cross-bedded fluvial sandstones of probable point-bar origin. The lignite is 0.30 m thick, of which the upper 0.20 m is intensely bored. Rounded pebbles of ?charcoal at its base also show small borings. A log in a fluvial sandstone shows densely-packed. radial club-shaped borings. now filled with sandstone. The wood substrate has subsequently been oxidized away. To our knowledge, this is the first detailed account of Teredolites from an ancient freshwater setting.