Iribarne, O. O., Pascual, M. S. & Zampatti, E. A. 1990 04 15: An uncommon oyster breeding system in a Late Tertiary Patagonian species. Lethaia, Vol. 23, pp. 153–156. Oslo. ISSN 0024–1164.

The brooding extant species Ostrea puelchana has a breeding system that is unique among living oysters. Females larger than 55 mm often carry small epidictic males (up to 30 mm) on the anterior edge of the concave shell. These are strongly attached when small, but become relatively less strongly attached as they grow larger. Field experiments show that their growth is retarded as a result of the influence of the carrier. Advantages of this mating system are reflected in the success of fertilization; sperm transfer is facilitated safely during long periods of the oyster's life. A similar attachment pattern was found in a fossil oyster, Ostrea aluarezi, from a Patagonian deppsit. The finding suggests that this particular reproductive strategy had already evolved among late Tertiary ostreids. *Epibiotic. breeding system, fossil, Ostrea alvarezi, oyster, Tertiary.