Intergrowths of the stromatoporoid Diplostroma yavorskyi Nestor with calcareous algae are described for the first time from the Much Wenlock Limestone of Wenlock Edge, England. The intergrowth developed as irregular. nodular growth-forms which initiated around a nucleus of biomicrite sediment or skeletal clasts. The paired stromatoporoid laminae characteristic of this species form regular alternations throughout substantial portions of the skeleton with the calcareous algae Girvanella sp., Rothpletzella sp., Wetheredella sp. and Rhabdoporella sp., and micrite. Nodular growths developed as a result of intermittent rolling on the sea floor. The nature of the periodic intergrowth of different taxa suggests that the stromatoporoid grew on firm substrates by lateral growth at an edge zone. Epiphytes encrusted areas of the stromatoporoid skeleton devoid of soft tissue. □Stromatoporoid. calcareous algae. epiphyte. intergrowth. Wenlock.