Felitsyn, S. B. 1992 04 15: Rare element concentrations indicating agglutinated character of Lower Cambrian Platysolenites tubes. Lethaia, Vol. 25, pp. 131–133. Oslo. ISSN 9924–1164.

Data on rare element contents in siliceous tubes of Platysolenites antiquissimus from Lontova Beds were obtained. Low metal contents and REE patterns serve as indications of the presence of quartz in the tube substance. X-ray analysis detected the quartz and K-feldspars. Information on tube composition suggests their agglutinated character, since siliceous minerals are not a single component of the tubes and an affinity between Platysolenites and Foraminifera is quite possible. *Plarysolenites, Lower Cambrian, rare elements.