Jaglin, J.-C. & Paris, F. 1992 04 IS: Exemples de tératologie chez les Chitinozoaires du Pridoli de Libye et implications sur la signification biologique du groupe. [Teratologic cases among Pridolian chitinozoans from Libya and implications on the biological interpretation of the group.] Lethaia, Vol. 25, pp. 151–164. Oslo. ISSN 0024–1164.

Fairly numerous chitinozoans displaying morphological anomalies are recorded in Late Silurian subsurface material from Western Libya. The individuals described and illustrated in our paper range exclusively in a short interval at the top of the investigated sequence. These abnormal vesicles are interpreted as teratologic cases related lo an event of unknown origin. From our conclusions, the hypothesis of vegetative reproduction stages stated by previous authors seems unlikely. Therefore we still interpret the chitinozoan vesicles as eggs (or to a lesser extent as spores) of marine organisms. *Libya, Chitinozoans, Silurian, teratology, chitinozoan affinities.