Roĉek, Z. & Rage, J.-C. 1994 10 15: The presumed amphibian footprint Notopus petri from the Devonian: a probable starfish trace fossil.

A presumed amphibian footprint from the late Middle or early Late Devonian of Brazil, described as the ichnotaxon Notopus petri Leonardi, 1983, has been reinvestigated. Various morphological and paleoecological data, taken as a whole, cast doubts on the original interpretation. It is not excluded that the specimen represents an imperfect impression produced by an asteroid or ophiurid echinoderm similar to those that are allocated to the ichnogenus Asteriacites Schlotheim, 1820, nor can some other reported trackways be taken as unequivocal evidence of Devonian amphibians. Notopus petri, ichnofossil, Devonian, Echinodermata, starfish, Amphibia, Brazil.