Sutures between ornamented bones of Discosauriscus austriacus are mostly simple, but there are also more complicated, rarely serrated, sutures between some bones. In small individuals, the sutures are simple, but the same sutures also occur in the largest specimens. The character of the sutures and the incomplete ossification of bones around the pineal foramen indicate the larva type of organization of Discosauriscus The fenestra between premaxillaries and nasals appears to be absent. In the majority of specimens, a squamosal-intertemporal sutural contact is present, althought it is sometimes reduced and in a few cases interrupted by a postorbital and supratemporal contact Therefore the character ‘intertemporal-squamosal suture present or absent’ cannot be used in this rigorous sense for testing the relationships of early tetrapods. The configuration of the suture between both parietals in osteolepiforms, Discosauriscus, and various early amphibians and reptiles indicates that the bones enclosing the pineal foramen in osteolepifonns are frontals. ***Discosauriscus. Seymouriamorpha, Lower Permian tetrapod, skull exoskeleton, sutures.