McKinney, F.K, Delvolve, 7.-J. & Sobieraj, J. 1995 11 30: Conularia sp. from the Pyrénées: further support for scyphozoan affinities of the Conularida.

Several specimens of Conularia from the mid-Carboniferous Culm Formation of the Pyrénées occur as clusters with a large central specimen and several smaller divergent individuals that may be buds from the larger central specimen. Other individual and clustered specimens exhibit complex polygonal cross-sections that are inferred to have resulted from longitudinal fission of a precursor pyramid into two or more descendant individuals. Apparent budding and transverse fission (strobilation) of conulariids have been reported previously, but we have found no earlier record of longitudinal fission. The existence of this additional mode of asexual increase in conulariids further supports their affinities with the scyphozoan Cnidaria. Conularida, Scypho-zoa, fission, Carboniferous, Pyrénées.