Changes in Lethaia and Fossils and Strata


In 2006, the Board of the Lethaia Foundation signed an agreement with Blackwell Publishing. From 2007 Blackwell will be responsible for the publication of both Lethaia and the monograph series, Fossils and Strata. The Board of the Lethaia Foundation also voted unanimously to implement a number of new policies for the two journals beginning on 1 January 2007. Both review and short papers are now particularly welcome and a much greater emphasis will be laid on the electronic aspects of our publication strategy. In addition to these changes, the Lethaia Foundation will move offices from Oslo, Norway to Copenhagen in Denmark. We look forward to continuing the active and positive cooperation with our authors and readers together with our new publishers. Moreover, our long-standing relationship with the International Palaeontological Association (IPA) and its members will continue as will our recently established links with the International Stratigraphical Commission (ICS).

At Lethaia, the executive structure will continue to consist of an Editor-in-Chief and two handling editors. The editorial board, however, will be doubled during the coming year to include expertise representing the rapidly expanding diversity of research within our science and the changing scope of the journal. The purpose of this expanded editorial board is to ensure that submissions are handled more effectively by editors with expert guidance from members on the editorial board.

For the last 4 years Fossils and Strata has been edited by David Bruton, University of Oslo, Norway. David has now retired as Editor following production of Fossils and Strata volume 53 (2006). The editorship of Fossil and Strata will continue now within the remit of the Editor-in-Chief of Lethaia. We take the opportunity to thank David Bruton for his tremendous efforts in editing Fossils and Strata, in particular maintaining the steady flow of manuscripts and the high quality of production that is required for this monograph series. In the last few years David has also expanded the scope of Fossils and Strata, which now receives contributions of original research from all over the world. Fossils and Strata will also continue to occasionally publish special issues showcasing high-calibre research on single themes of particular importance.

A new manuscript submission and tracking system together with a reviewer database is being implemented (see instructions to authors). The journal now accepts electronic submissions in PDF format. Potential authors should consult in order to use the electronic submission system.

We would also like to remind readers that the journal is accessible to subscribers on-line at

We anticipate that these developments, together with the policy changes noted above, will considerably increase the readership and impact of the journal and that both our journals will continue to reflect the exciting diversity of contemporary palaeontology.