Nicolas, M. & Rubidge, B.S. 2010: Changes in Permo-Triassic terrestrial tetrapod ecological representation in the Beaufort Group (Karoo Supergroup) of South Africa. Lethaia, Vol. 43, pp. 45–59.

For more than a century, large collections of fossils from the Beaufort Group have been built up at various museums in South Africa and have been handled as separate databases in the individual museums. Because of the unique time-extensive record of continental vertebrate biodiversity represented by the fossils of the Beaufort Group, a single standardized database has been compiled for the fossils collected from the Beaufort Group housed in South African museums. This unique data set has enabled the determination of terrestrial tetrapod ecological representation from the Middle Permian to Middle Triassic Beaufort Group of South Africa. □Beaufort Group, biodiversity, ecology, Permo-Triassic.