Terfelt, F., Ahlberg, P. & Eriksson, M.E. 2011: Complete record of Furongian polymerid trilobites and agnostoids of Scandinavia – a biostratigraphical scheme. Lethaia, Vol. 44, pp. 8–14.

So far, 112 polymerid trilobite species/subspecies and 13 agnostoid species/subspecies have been recorded from the Furongian (upper Cambrian) of Scandinavia. For the first time, their zonal occurrences are summarized in a biostratigraphical scheme serving as a practical synopsis for students of this interval in time. Ninety-six of the recorded polymerid trilobite species/subspecies belong to the family Olenidae whereas the remaining 16 are distributed across eight other families. Levels of increased speciation and low diversity (including stratigraphical range gaps) are conspicuous and these may be correlated with recorded physical and chemical anomalies. □Agnostoids, biostratigraphy, Cambrian, Furongian, polymerids, Scandinavia, trilobites.