Siegwarth, J.D., Smith, C.N. & Redman, P.D. 2010: An alternative sauropod physiology and cardiovascular system that eliminates high blood pressures. Lethaia, Vol. 44, pp. 46–57.

The long neck of an adult sauropod has been found structurally unsuitable for high browsing while standing on all four feet. Some juveniles might have used a tripodal stance, but an analysis of the motion of the centre of mass shows a large adult sauropod could not. We propose here that sauropods could have browsed high by sitting, squatting or even kneeling on their hind legs to elevate their heads without a sharp bend at the base of the neck. A large sauropod needs a way to deal with very high blood pressure when high browsing. Arterial pumping is suggested here as a means of avoiding the need for high blood pressure. □Blood pressure, browsing posture, cardiovascular system, form vis-à-vis function, neck length, physiology, sauropods, tripodal stance.