Maletz, J. & Ahlberg, P. 2011: The Lerhamn drill core and its bearing for the graptolite biostratigraphy of the Ordovician Tøyen Shale in Scania, southern Sweden. Lethaia, Vol. 44, pp. 350–368.

A drill core through the Lower Ordovician Tøyen Shale Formation at Lerhamn, NW Scania, southern Sweden, provides important new information for the precise biostratigraphic resolution of the Floian to lower Darriwilian time interval in southern Scandinavia. The Hunnegraptus copiosus, Tetragraptus phyllograptoides, Cymatograptus protobalticus (new), Baltograptus vacillans (new), Baltograptus sp. cf. Baltograptus deflexus (new), Baltograptus minutus (new), Isograptus victoriae, Undulograptus austrodentatus (Arienigraptus zhejiangensis and Undulograptus sinicus Subzones) and the (?)Corymbograptus retroflexus (new) biozones are differentiated in the core and their correlation in Scania is discussed. The Lerhamn drill core provides the most detailed graptolite record of the Floian Stage in Scandinavia. The interval is dominated by a number of species of the genus Baltograptus, endemic to the Atlantic Faunal realm and highly useful for regional biostratigraphic correlation. The biostratigraphic framework is based on endemic and pandemic faunal elements. The mixture of both elements in the drill core allows a more precise inter-continental correlation of Lower to Middle Ordovician graptolite faunas and may – in the future – provide information as to the climatic history of regions dominated by Baltograptus faunas in the Floian. The (?)C. retroflexus Biozone is based on species originally described from Bohemia, but the record of the zone in the Lerhamn drill core indicates a wider distribution of its fauna. □Biostratigraphy, graptolites, Ordovician, Scania, Sweden.