Männik, P., Loydell, D.K. & Lubeseder, S. 2010: Sheinwoodian (Silurian) conodonts and graptolites from NE Anti-Atlas, Morocco. Lethaia, Vol. 44, pp. 410–416.

Conodonts and graptolites from a limestone at the base of the Tamaghrout Formation indicate that this is of early Wenlock age. This is the first unequivocal dating of a Sheinwoodian limestone from Morocco. All of the conodonts are known also from several other regions and suggest that there was no major difference in conodont faunas in northern Gondwana, Baltica and Laurentia at this time. Biostratigraphy, conodonts, graptolites, Morocco, Silurian, Sheinwoodian.