Table S1. Ammonoid occurrences.

Table S2. Supplementary table with categories of H/D, U/D, W/D, W/H, shell ornamentations or features determined for each genus. See text and Table 1 for details (v.: venter; Y: yes; N: no).

Table S3. Mantel tests for the correlationbetween the geographical distance matrix (D) and the matrix ofdifferences between two similarity matrices (S1 andS2) computed for two distinct phylogenetical,geometrical or ornamental categories. Lower triangular matrix:Pearson’s correlation (r); upper triangular matrix:permutation p-value (null hypothesis: no linear correlationbetween D and (S1 – S2), i.e. nodifference between the SDD rates related to S1 andS2).

Fig. S1. Number of Early Triassic ammonoid genera per family according to the mean H/D and U/D ratios of the considered family.

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